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    To make our customers save energy, China Carbon Molecular Sieve Co, Ltd has long been engaged in the production and research of carbon molecular sieves over 20 years and has been at the leading edge of Carbon Molecular Sieve Frontier in China.Our carbon molecular sieves are economize energy and We dedicate to environmental protection in the production of carbon molecular sieve. To enable our customers  reducing costs and protect the environment we  carry out regeneration of carbon molecular sieve 
    We have  kept  the close cooperation  with the special  researching  organization  and university for many years. And Now the Carbon Molecular Sieves  quality has reached world highest level.
    Our career is to devote ourselves to hard researching Carbon Molecular Sieves, to make aim at world advanced level all the time, try our best to keep up with it. The quality of our products has been leading the market in China and is comparable to those carbon molecular sieve products imported from German and Japan. In the past two decades, our carbon molecular sieves (carbon molecular sieves) have been the first and favorable option of the companies who manufacture PSA-Nitrogen equipment. Our carbon molecular sieves products have been exported to a number of countries and regions in Asia, America and Europe. The techniques for production of high quality carbon molecular sieves developed in our company have been awarded a number of prizes for contributions in science and technology by the National and the Provincial as well as the local administrations. We have cooperated with many research institutes and universities in improving the technology for CMS.
    Our objective is: "classic quality, classic services." It strive to provide the best services for our clients at home and abroad.

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